The days of signing long-term office leases are changing. Freelancers and professional entrepreneurs can scale their businesses in various markets through hourly office renting. You can build your clients in new cities by working with business centers offering rental space if you are an attorney. 

There are many benefits of renting office space by the hour. We will discuss the five reasons lawyers could rent office space to expand their law practice. 

Cost Savings

Hourly office space renting saves you money. When you lease an office with a long-term contract, you also must pay for utilities and rental insurance. Sometimes, you must furnish and design the office interior to attract clientele and great employees. With office space renting, these costs are non-existent. You only pay for the hours you need office space.

The savings you’ll receive with hourly office space renting allows you to invest in marketing and client acquisition. This is an excellent way to expand your law firm. 

Professional Image

If you are a new attorney, office space may be a luxury due to cost. You could be tempted to avoid this cost by meeting with clients in public spaces such as coffee shops, libraries, etc. While these may be good short-term, cost-effective alternatives, they do not provide the privacy or professional image your clients deserve.

Rent space hourly and benefit from a formal business center’s professional and quiet environment. Business centers have adequate parking, lobby and waiting areas are typical, and a receptionist is present to greet clients. Your clients will take your new law firm seriously with the professional image of office space renting. 

Test Out New Markets

You may already have an established law firm, but you want to expand your legal services into another city. Hourly office space renting makes this easy to accomplish. Find new attorneys to work for your firm and have them meet with clients at a business center that offers coworking space and hourly office space renting. 

Even solo, you can still expand a one-man law office into new cities with hourly office space renting. If you rent from us, we offer convenient online booking once you have established a relationship with one of our business centers in Surrey. 

Build a Team

Hourly office space renting helps build a team that supports clients or brings in new business. Amenities such as internet, wifi, and telephone are available as part of the hourly rate. Law offices can build a small call center that supports incoming inquiries from new and existing clients. 

The best way for a lawyer to grow his or her firm is by adding additional attorneys to the team. Hourly office space renting is an excellent fit for this. Have your associate attorneys meet with clients by the hour at our business center using our hourly rental rates. 

Conduct Meetings and Seminars

A great way to expand your law practice using hourly office space renting is by hosting seminars, classes, and meetings on legal matters. Not only do we offer private offices for rent, but we also offer conference and meeting rooms for rent by the hour. 

Conference rooms come equipped with projectors, conference phones, and whiteboards. You’ll also get access to other office equipment, such as printers and fax machines. 

Hourly Office Space Rental for Lawyers in Surrey

Attorneys spend a lot of time in court and meeting with clients. Why waste money on office space you may never be in? Lawyers can take advantage of hourly office space renting and use office space only when needed. Renting office space by the hour comes with many benefits. If you are an attorney and want to learn more, contact us about our office spaces for rent by the hour in Surrey!

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