You may want to start a counseling practice but find it costly to get office space. Office space is one of the highest expenses for startups. As a result, many startups start their operations from home, but this is not ideal if you are a therapist.

There is a solution for therapists to start a therapy practice without breaking the bank. Virtual offices and coworking spaces offer office rentals by the hour. Use space only when needed and save money on leasing an office. Here are seven perks of renting an office by the hour you have yet to consider.

Professional Office Environment

Virtual offices and coworking spaces are in professional business centers, with free parking, a lobby, and a receptionist. You and your clients can have sessions in a neutral space that encourages you and your client to be comfortable. 

The offices that are available for rent offer privacy and comfort. 

Utilities and Office Support

Internet access and WIFI are included in the hourly rate. Don’t worry about paying for additional utilities to have sessions. You’ll also have access to office equipment such as printers, scanners, and conference phones. Even if your client cannot show up in person, you can still rent an office by the hour and have your sessions in a safe and secure environment. 

Receptionist Courtesies

Business centers that rent offices by the hour have a receptionist that greets you and clients as they arrive. The receptionist may also assist with sorting and receiving mail. If you sign up for a virtual office agreement or a coworking space agreement, you will get access to mail services. Mail services are an added benefit for virtual office spaces.

Save Money on the Go

The best benefit of hourly office renting is the cost savings. You can reserve space online using a calendar tool. Rent office space by the hours or choose an entire day or a group of days. Therapists can use this flexibility to match their rapidly changing counseling calendars.

There are no long-term contracts to consider. Renting by the hours only commits you to the time you need. You can get additional discounts for prepaying for the hours you need. Pull out your booking calendar and start reserving space and save money.

Variety of Spaces to Use

Therapists conduct a variety of counseling formats. Those who do group sessions can rent boardrooms by the hour as well. Boardrooms come with equipment with conference tables, WIFI access, and a whiteboard. 

They are the ideal setting for group meetings. Boardrooms are quiet and secluded. They are also suitable for seminars and classes, so a boardroom rental is a great solution, even if you need to teach a course related to therapy techniques.

Networking and Exposure

Grow your therapy practice through brand recognition. If you sign up for a virtual office agreement, your course will be listed in the business directory. Your business license is also presented. Other businesses in the coworking space will be made aware of your addition to the roster. Use this networking to offer special promotions and secure additional clients.  

Plan for Growth

If you desire to expand your therapy practice into a new city, renting office space by the hour is a great way to do this. This also helps you test the market. Hourly office space gives you flexibility with your time. Or you can use hourly office space to hire additional counselors under your practice. Save money with your new employees by renting space only when they have clients. 

Set up a Therapy Practice in Surrey

You only need a private and quiet office to have a therapy session. If you are starting a new counseling practice, renting office space by the hour is the most affordable option. Rent space only as you need it and still benefit from many benefits virtual office space facilities offer. Contact us to set up a rental agreement now.

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