Why Co-working Spaces Are Better Than Coffee Shops for Working
There was a time when the happy freelancers journeyed over to the local coffee shop to work. The ritual included a caramel macchiato or something similar, a bagel, and a seat facing the street. Coffee shops were the gateway to the modern-day coworking space. As more and more entrepreneurs and self-employed workers ventured out in the morning for these shops, the more crowded they became. Soon enough, there became a need for a similar space that was not crowded and had an atmosphere that supported the daily worker.

Coworking spaces provide an environment that is conducive to working alone

As tempting as working under the smell of freshly made coffee and muffins, working in a coffee shop does not give you the right atmosphere to get your work done. The distractions can include noise, lack of privacy, and no amenities to help you get your job done.

Enjoy More Privacy in a Coworking Space

If you’ve ever been in a coffee or bagel shop, right away you may spot some people sitting in a booth working away on their laptops. Coffee shops do not provide privacy for workers who require it. The seating is open-spaced. Coworking spaces provide working spaces that are enclosed or partially enclosed. Even in shared office spaces, there may be some traffic, but the traffic is low and provides you with the privacy you need.

Escape the Noise of a Coffee Shop

In an open space like a coffee shop, there will be noise from the daily customer traffic of the coffee shop. This makes it difficult to focus on work. With a coworking space, the office space is quiet and there are no interruptions from patrons. Not only that, but noise also comes from other self-employed people working in the coffee shop while they may be taking calls or having meetings. With a coworking space in a business center, you can expect a quiet space with many amenities that will make getting your work done easily without interruption.

Take Advantage of Business Amenities at A Coworking Space

If you are working out of a coffee shop, you won’t have access to print materials with ease. You would have to go to a local library or nearby printing center or print from home. Although coffee shops offer some amenities like free access to WIFI, you risk cyber-attacks because of the public WIFI. This could put your sensitive business data in the wrong hands. In addition, public WIFI speeds can be much slower than the speeds at a business center. Obtaining a co-working space gives you access to premier amenities that help you stay on track with your business operations.

Co-working spaces have amenities that you can find in a regular business office. Give your clients a true business experience with a coworking setup and expose them to key amenities like a receptionist, conference rooms, or a real office that gives you privacy. Among these, co-working spaces feature:

• Mail Service
• Physical Business Address
• Business Name Added to Building Directory
• Business-level Technology

Not only do co-working spaces in a business center provide you with the tangible amenities of traditional office space, but you also won’t have to give up the social aspect. Working in a coffee shop setting exposes you to many people, but with a co-working space, you can make connections with other business owners daily with the same network of people. These connections can lead to new business deals that help grow your business.

Leave the Coffee Shop and Sign up for a Co-Working Space

You won’t miss out on your favorite cup of joe by venturing to a co-working space. Because a co-working space is in a traditional office building, get your coffee provided for free there. If you are looking to change up your routine and get into a workspace that gives your business validity and presence, contact us to tour and sign up.

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