So you want to set up a counseling service complete with an office and a couch for clients to lay back on while you analyze their thoughts and problems? You may not be able to afford to lease an office building at first, but while you build your counseling practice, you can still meet with clients professionally. Do so by renting office space by the hour.

Why rent office space by the hour?

Make business meetings simple by locating offices by the hour via PeerSpace. Many people utilize office hours for meetings or professional board meetings. You may use the space to hold business conference meetings or to interview people. The freelancer can also visit offices at any hour to set the settings and meet the client. We shouldn’t ignore production! People rent out offices on an hourly basis for photo shoots and filmmaking.

What more could you do as a counselor with office space by the hour? The core benefits of renting office space by the hour include saving money, improving your brand, access to business centre amenities, privacy, and networking.

Saving on Expenses

Traditional office spaces cost several hundreds of dollars a month. In some cases, that cost is over a thousand dollars a month. If you only need an office for a limited amount of time per month, you will waste a lot of money on square footage that you won’t use.

An hourly office rental for counseling services won’t break the bank. It is the most cost-effective way to start up a counseling practice.

Professional Image

Your new clients will take your start-up practice seriously because you have a professional mailing address, and your business name and license will be posted in our business centre. Counseling clients want to feel comfortable with you. Where sessions are held with your clients can help them with their comfort level.

Access to Business Centre Amenities

Our membership includes an excellent waiting lounge and free access to the community kitchen. If you set up a virtual office for private practice with our business centre, not only will you get to reserve physical space at your leisure, but you’ll benefit from our mail service, our receptionist, and other building amenities.

Network with Other Office Space Renters

Like you, many other business owners take advantage of virtual offices and offices by the hour. Network with others to grow your business and get the word out about your new therapy practice. Also, use this proximity to others to host educational sessions about therapy and how your therapy services could benefit people of all ages and backgrounds. You can also rent a boardroom to conduct this gathering.


An office rental by the hour gives you and your client the required privacy for clinical mental health and other counseling treatments. The therapist/client relationship involves confidentiality. Our private offices have closing doors that lock. Sessions with your clients will remain incognito.

Rent On Your Schedule, On Your Time

You can book space in Surrey if you see 30 or 1 client per week. With individual or group rooms on site, you can visit with a client during the hours and days you like. Once you’ve set up an account with us, you’ll be able to reserve blocks of time at your convenience online.

If you’ve scheduled clients for the week or month, choose our business centre location to reserve an office for those appointments. We offer discounts for prepaying reserved spots in advance. While you can rent spaces by the hour without a virtual office agreement, we offer an extensive range of perks for virtual office agreement holders.

Office Space Rental in Surrey for Therapists

You have worked hard to obtain a degree to be a licensed therapist. The next step is to get clients and start counseling. An intimate and secure office space should be the least of your worries. We can help by offering one of our many private offices for rent at an affordable hourly rate. Contact us to get started.

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