It is everyone’s dream to have your own business, be your own boss, no set schedules, or commuting. On top of that there is the dream of earning a comfortable income. When I talk about starting your own business, I am talking about starting a company where there is one Employee, The Owner, Manager, Marketing Director, Bookkeeper, Sales associate, Front Desk person, and Janitor – all at once. It is not easy but it can be done. Many people have done it; but many more have failed in the attempt.

Once the self-employed entrepreneur starts doing his/ her due diligence, getting quotes and shopping around is when the part of “on a budget” doesn’t seem to work so easily. The costs of buying furniture, paying rent and having employees is too much when “on a budget”; this is the reason why many people are opting for Teleworking. However, when meeting clients in person, working from home is not the best option and everyday more and more entrepreneurs choose to have business meetings at business centres where they can rent a professional office by the hour. This solves part of the problem, meeting with clients at a business centre gives a professional image, is comfortable and the new entrepreneur is able to enjoy all the benefits that the business centre provides as far as technology and office equipment is concerned. However, the problem of the daily operations and a permanent professional image remains unsolved.

Entrepreneurs understand that there is a need to present themselves professionally on a permanent basis. This is the time when they realize that a business address, virtual office, professional mailing address or what we used to call a mail box can help them set up their company on a budget. Mail boxes do not fulfill this need anymore; couriers do not deliver packages to mailboxes and if they do, it is left out in the open which is not very secure. Also it is not very professional to ask a client to go to a post office to drop a cheque or document. A business address or virtual office at a business centre provides a permanent professional image and reception services (even though limited). Once the new entrepreneur has these two areas covered, the business has a front image and everything else can be worked backstage.

On a budget, that is exactly what a business address or virtual office provides. An address that can be used in business cards, brochures, website, yellow pages, facebook, yelp, anywhere anytime for a fraction of the cost. Everyday more and more business centres like White Rock Office Services are offering this service and more entrepreneurs are using it. No one will ever know that you, the new entrepreneur, is running a small operation from home. Professional image at a low cost. Many business centres complement the virtual office or business address with hourly office rental. This is the perfect package for a new entrepreneur. The professional image is consistent. A professional environment at a fraction of the price.

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