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Teleworking VS a Business Centre

Everywhere I go, I seem to be hearing people talking about teleworking. Employers and employees alike are using the term and everybody seems to think this is not only the best approach but the path where all future companies, big or small will take. If you think about it it is a very interesting and revolutionary concept. I myself have telework in several occasions, when my kids were little and when I had to move from one city to the next for different reasons. Teleworking seemed to be the best answer. I was not always happy with this arrangement. Flexibility, a flexible schedule; however, sometimes balancing home and work is not that easy. For some unknown reason, even if you are the most organized person, the chores, duties and responsibilities that come with the home environment tend to never end and to be able to multiply to take over  all of your time.

If you are not very disciplined, determined, rigid and unflexible teleworking is almost impossible. There is always something coming up that needs to be done. For some reason that I still, to this day, do not understand, when we telework, even if we make more money that our partners do, our job seems to be less important and people think that it can be interrupted anytime to go and pick up visitors from the airport, run errands and do all kinds of things that if you were sitting at an office noone would even dare ask you to do.

On the other hand, you!  You can postpone that project, you can procrastinate, and putting things off for later seems to be easier. Later could be later in the day or later in the week or the month. We can get easily distracted with a phone call from our best friend or mother, that if we were at the office would never happen.

However, not everything is bad about Teleworking. There is no traffic, we are contributing to the environment, less traveling time, less money spent on gas, we could, at least in theory, get more done, there are no distractions from co-workers or people at the office, phone calls and conversations.

I have personally teleworked, worked out of an office and finally found what suits me better, and I think thousands of people will agree with me. It is  working close to home but still in a business environment. There is still that wonderful feeling of getting up, getting dressed, having a place to go, a business environment where we can interact with other professionals and business people. However, being close to home still allows us flexibility in case we have to attend school functions, or look after a pet or child at home and run the unavoidable errand. Going to an office sends the message to the whole world that we are busy and that our work can not be constantly interrupted.

Working at a business centre close to where you live allows you to achieve the perfect balance. Be it that you rent an office permanently or just for a couple of hours a day or days a week.

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