No matter the size of your operations, you’ll need a space to conduct business. It may be at home, in a coffee shop, or in a rented space. Which is right for you? Larger businesses have limited options and typically have to depend on conventional space, or do they?

Conventional Office Space

This type of office space is what you probably worked in if you’ve ever had a customer service job or any other type of office job. These spaces feature a maze of rooms that often serve as individual offices, conference rooms, break rooms, and storage areas. Conventional office spaces can come furnished but often they do not. Businesses sign leases on these for a period of time such as 6-12 months or longer.


The benefit of this type of office is the space it offers. Businesses that have large operations that include many employees benefit from this type of space. It gives them the ability to build a team environment and it also helps them protect their company culture. Another benefit of conventional office space is the independence it provides. A business can operate within its own hours and enforce facility policies that serve its business goals better.


Conventional office spaces can be costly. If your business doesn’t require a lot of hours a week to function, you could lose a lot of money in expenses. In addition, setting up conventional office space can be costly. With these office spaces, you’ll enter with a blank canvas and must buy or lease office furniture to complete the space. You may also have to pay for internet services as these typically are not included with a conventional office space lease.

Shared Office Space

Shared office space is a conventional office space that has been set up for multiple businesses to operate under a pay-per-use agreement. Some shared spaces offer long-term lease contracts as well. A shard office space facility will offer two ways to rent space: virtual and on-site.


Shared office space buildings give businesses the opportunity to lower expenses. You would save on lease expenses and other expenses associated with leasing a conventional office such as utilities, furniture, security, and maintenance. You would also save on payroll. In a shared office space, some administrative tasks are managed by the building’s administrative staff such as mail handling, reception of guests, and keeping lunchrooms stocked.


Although most shared office spaces allow 24-hour access to the facility as a tenant, a lot of the support features offered are during normal business hours. If your business has second or third shift hours, there won’t be services like copying, mail handling, and a receptionist available. Also, you are limited on how you can customize the shared space. Shared space facilities will come pre-furnished, and rooms are built to suit.

On-Site Shared Space

On-site shared spaces offer the benefit of conventional office space without the added expense of maintaining conventional office space. This is a great option if you have a small operation that doesn’t require a lot of space, or even if you have a large operation, shared space can benefit you if you no longer need to spend the cost of conventional space. With the onset of remote work becoming popular, shared office space is a great alternative for businesses that still have a lot of personnel but need flexibility with how their teams work and have meetings.

Virtual Office

Shared office spaces also offer businesses virtual space where the business gets access to the facility features, but they do not occupy any of the offices within the shared space. This is a great option for businesses who may be comfortable with working out of their homes or businesses with large personnel who all work remotely from their own homes.

Shared Office Space Offers Attractive Benefits

Shared office spaces can benefit small and larger businesses alike. For larger businesses that are accustomed to conventional office space, you can save money on expenses with a shared workspace. Contact us if you want to learn more about how an office rental in Surrey can benefit you.

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